Monday, 3 September 2012

Week in pictures! #1

I haven't done that much this week really as I have been getting ready for back too school tomorrow, so I have just been sorting my stuff out for school and making sure I have everything ready for my last year in secondary school. If you have already gone back to school I hope you had a good day back! I did however go away for a night to France, which was nice!

Few Make-up bits I picked up in France | Turn my calender over | Loving these bracelets at the moment | Mum's Birthday cake! | Mum's Birthday Flowers | My gorgeous Maisie | New Foundation to try out | the joy of homework day | Mini Bar of Milka from France<3 | 

Hope everybody had a good week? Did you go away?
Love Morgan x 

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Models Own Nail polish collection!

I am literally obsessed with Models own nail polish's, I love there colour range, they have nearly every colour you would want and I love the way they apply. I own 12 bottles of models own and I want more! Sometimes  I feel that £5 for a nail polish is quiet steep that is what puts me off sometimes but still I can't resist when I see a colour I love! They last about 3-4 days on your nails for me anyway which I think isn't really great but I don't really mind.

(L:R) Clear, Nude Beige, Lilac Dream, Jade stone, Feeling blue, Fuzzy Peach.

(L:R) Sophies Pink, Foxy Fuchsia, Scarlet Sparkle, Disco Mix, Purple Grey, Ibiza Mix.

Is it sad that I know all the names without looking at the bottles! As you can tell I love Models own nail polish and I definitely want more?!

Do you have any Models own nail polishes?
Love Morgan x

Saturday, 1 September 2012

How much is your face worth?!

I thought this post sounded like quiet a good tag to do, so I thought I would give it ago and see how much my face is worth! 

Clinique superfit foundation-£21.95
(this product is discontinued, so I couldn't find a link sorry)   

(L:R) Mac tinted lip conditioner, Mac blush, Mac concealer, Mac paint pot.

All together my face is worth a big total off £111.91! I think that this is a bit too much to be totally honest but that is what I wear everyday and I happy with my make-up look so but maybe I should see if I can find some cheaper alternatives! 
This is a Tag so I tag whoever reading this to do it!

Hope you enjoyed!
Love Morgan x

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Mac Concealer 'Studio Sculpt'

Studio Sculpt- NW20

This is another new purchase that means I have done like two hauls one after each other! Oh well.. Now I brought this when I went to London on Sunday I went to selfridges and brought this mac concealer I tried to get it in the week at my local store but they had sold out so I had to buy it when I saw it in selfridges I had a little sample of it and I feel in love so once I have had a good use out of it I will do a review. Since starting my blog I haven't done one review! If there is anything that I have posted out and you want a review please comment and let me know! That would be really helpful for me so then I would be writing what you want to read and can let you know my opinions of products you are interested to know about!

Hope you liked my little post?
Love Morgan x

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Few bits I got in town!

Shopping again! However this time I went for one of my friends birthday we went into town and then for a spot of lunch! Today I am just going to show you the bits that I picked up yesterday! A lot of the things I got I either neeeded or have wanted for a long time! Now on to what got.

Primark boots shoes I have these in a different pattern and I wear them all them time so they were a want/need! £6 reduced to £3. Superdrug face mask these were I want really I really wanted some face masks so I couldn't resists picking them up for 99p each but then 4 for the price of 3! Simple cleansing pads, a need I had run out of my other ones! £2.59. Garnier Pure active Exfo-Brusher wash I didn't need a new face wash but I did want to try this one out and they had an offer on save £3 in superdrug so had to buy it, so a want! Real techniques blush brush, need because I don't have a blush brush £9.99. Eyebrow brush and comb this is a want and need because I wanted one because I didn't have one!

(and breath) Sorry that was a big chunk on text there! This is a schedule post so hopefully it will work as I will be in France when you are reading this! 

Hope you enjoyed!
Love Morgan x

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

A new exciting purchase!

Now to me this is an exciting purchase as I have wanted to try this for ages and whenever I have looked for it no where had it! But yesterday I went to a small town that I very rarely go shopping too and I found it! It was in savers for £1 when I saw it in tesco's for £4.99 so I am happy that I did wait to get it at savers otherwise I would of spent more then I needed too! 

A lot of my friends told me I should try this as I do have natural curly hair but I think I needed something to help the curls define a bit more so they told me about this! I haven't used it enough yet obviously to do a review on it but as soon as I have used it enough I will do a review!

Do you have this?
What do you think of it?
Love Morgan x

Monday, 27 August 2012

NOTD- Ate berries in the canaries #2

I am back! After a long wait I have finally sorted something out for taking pictures with for my blog posting! Until I get my camera fixed I am using my dads camera so I have got to take loads of pictures all at once and then blogpost about them at a later date! Which is okay at them moment but I need to get my own camera back! Now on to the post!

Today i am just doing a quick Nails of the day as I haven't done one of these for quiet a while!? On my nails at the moment i have OPI- Ate berries on the canaries, I love this nail polish! I only have one OPI nail polish but i am planning on picking one up when i am next in town as i love everything about them, the brush is just big enough to be able to fit my nails with only 1 or 2 swipes which i think is great! On my nails it last about 4-5 days which i do think is rather good as compered to the other ones i have they one last about 2! 

Then on my ring finger i have models own Ibiza mix i have been loving wearing this on my nails this month! I own quiet a lot of models own nail polish but Ibiza mix is my favourite at the moment because you can wear it with any colour nail polish and it looks good!

Do you have any of these Nail polishes? 
Love Morgan x